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For Sale or Lease 

17.1h 2012 Holsteiner Gelding

Equitation/Jumper - Successful up to 1.20m

Mercury is a great first horse type, being super safe,  forgiving and the same horse every day. After teaching a beginner for the past 2 years, he is stepping back into the Medium and High training Jumper classes. He has had multiple wins at the 1.0m height in 2019 at top show venues, and the 3'6'' Equitation at GLEF 2020.

Video showing 3'6" Equitation with Junior at GLEF:

Video winning 1.0m in October 2019 at Split Rock:


Video showing with a Junior:

Mid 5 figure lease

6 figure purchase

For More Info Contact:

Lauren DiTallo 847-436-2477

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